Build Log: Bronco Models 1:35 scale FI 103 RE-4 (Piloted V1), Pt. 4

This is the fourth and final installment in an ongoing series detailing my construction of a 1:35 scale FI 103 RE-4 by Bronco Models.  The preceding entries can be found here, here, and here.


After letting the sealing coat of Future dry overnight, I awoke the next morning ready for decal application and weathering.

First, decals.  Bronco provides a single decal sheet filled with stenciling; however, a look at the source material I used for this build showed that very little lettering had been applied to this prototype before its capture by the Allies in 1945.  Most prominent among these was the apparent warning “Nicht auftreten” on each side of the fuselage.  I ran this through Google translate and came up with “Do not occur.”  Somethings tells me that’s not quite correct, so if anybody knows otherwise, I’d love to hear from you.

The decals went on very smoothly over a dollop of Micro -Set, and after a coating of Micro-Sol had lost any traces of silvering.  With that done, it was time for weathering.

One thing that I knew before I started this build was that I wanted the flying bomb itself to appear unused – after all, these were one-shot devices.  I did want, however, to enhance the panel lines crossing the airframe by using artist enamels.  I had forgone any pre-shading in the hopes of using strictly enamels, but as I looked over the finished and sealed product, I changed my mind: Bronco has provided this kit with such clear and scale-deep panel lines, that any additional shading didn’t seem necessary apart of the main aileron gap.  I went ahead and dropped in the oil paint by using capillary action, wiped up the excess, and waited a good hour before shooting the all-but-finished kit with a shot of Dullcote.  Knowing that I wanted this to dry for several hours, I sought out some breakfast.

Mounted by the pulsejet to the third hand rig, the airframe dries for the last time.

Mounted by the pulsejet to the third hand rig, the airframe dries for the last time.

With the Dullcote dry to the touch, I attached the now-unmasked canopy with Gator Glue, waited about 15 minutes for the assembly to dry, and then moved the finished kit outdoors for a natural-light photo shoot on a piece of white foam-board.

After a build of 15.3 hours spread out over ten days, this very fun and well-made kit was finally ready to go.  As I intend to make photo-posts of my finished kits a standard feature of this blog, I’ll close with just a single image until tomorrow.   I hope you’re as excited to see it the full finished product as I was.

Until the morrow then, friends, take care, and happy modeling.

Ready for takeoff.

Ready for takeoff.


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