QuickTip – Keeping Your Decal Water Warm

I’ve noticed on this blog’s analytics page that there have been a couple of searches for decals and decal techniques.  With that in mind, I thought I’d quickly share a tip that works for me when it comes to this essential part of the hobby.

Warm water is always preferable to cool; it helps your decals slide off the paper better, requires less soak time, and helps the glue perform better.  In the past, I’ve always had to make constant trips to the nearest sink to replace the now-cool water in my bowl with fresh, warm water.  At a recent trip to my local Goodwill, though, I stumbled across this beauty:

Hot PlateFor $2.97, this hot plate has proven to be an excellent addition to my workbench!  I had actually been looking for one for this purpose for several months to no avail; in the time since I picked this one up, I’ve seen three more at the same store.  Oh well – that means there’s one out there for you!

I hope this helps.  Happy modeling!



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