It’s been a wild ride these past few months in my world.  Finishing up my second-to-last semester in graduate school, plowing through a major project at work, and – of course – making headway on my workbench when I find the time.  With the end of school comes a surge in that freetime, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be supplementing my work here on The Museum Modeler with reviews, tutorials, and possibly other work for!

Complete Models logo

This site, dedicated to connecting modelers through sharing our work and ideas, is undergoing a re-launch after a server relocation.  They’ve been working to establish connections with manufacturers like Airfix, and I was excited when its site managers sought me out and asked me to become a content contributor for them.  This also neatly solves a problem I’ve been struggling with lately: how to continue with reviews and the sort without deviating too far or too regularly from this site’s intended purpose: a discussion of modeling through the lens of accuracy and historical immediacy.  And so, going forward, I’ll be limiting my review work to the Complete-Models servers and linking back to content here on this blog.  It’s a win-win for all involved, and I hope you’ll tag along as I link away to the wider modeling community.

With that out of the way, here’s a link to my first contribution: a review of Trumpeter’s 1:700 USS Hornet (CV-8) that neatly wraps up the build that has been followed intermittently here on my own page.

I’ll see you soon.  Until then: take care, and happy modeling.


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