Sprue Cutters’ Union – Stalled Out

Seeing this month’s SCU topic actually gave me a burst of optimism: Jon over at The Combat Workshop is wondering at what point during the build do we tend to stall?  Given that I’m knocking out 3-4 builds per year (when I could probably double that), for a moment I thought this was directed at me.  That responses are already coming in, though, is proof that I am definitely not alone.
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Sprue Cutters’ Union – It’s all in the Details

SCU August 2015

If a modeler adds in a boatload of details but nobody is able to see it, is it really there?

That’s right: it’s time for August’s Sprue Cutters’ Union topic!

This theme is one that is near and dear to my heart.  While I delve deep into aircraft topics and occasionally dabble in armor, my focus and passion is clearly ship-building.  I think that ships, more than any other build category, lend themselves to hyper-detailing en masse.  Sure, you can go crazy on wheel wells or tank interiors, but to me nothing says “time and money-intensive work” more than a 1:700 battleship decked out with individual portholes, cable reels, and/or (heaven forbid!) wood planks.  The level of minutiae that can be crammed into a modern ship kit is exponentially higher than was possible one or two decades ago.  Me?  I love the stuff.  But is there a limit to what we can and should reasonably hope to attain?

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Sprue Cutters’ Union – Stashed Away

SCU July 2015

After a few months on hiatus, the Sprue Cutters’ Union blog circle is back!  The format has changed a bit, but the general idea is the same: modelers respond to a given topic on their blog while linking to the other responses that have been composed by other members of the blog circle.  This month’s topic is one to which every modeler can surely relate: Why do we maintain and even grow a stash that may never be completed in our lifetimes?  The concept is so universal among modelers that a term has arisen and entered our collective vernacular; this concept is so ingrained in the hobby that you may ask virtually any modeler about his or her “stash” and we will surely know what you’re talking about.  Also seemingly universal in the hobby is our tendency to, no matter what, grow that stash at all costs.

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Sprue Cutters’ Union – Finding Your Happy Place

Sprue Cutters' Union

This month’s entry for the Sprue Cutters’ Union blog circle is a bit of a special one for me.  Last month, I asked aloud on The Museum Modeler Facebook page  what sort of kits my followers go to for relaxation.  Not for the perfect build, not for the most intense aftermarket accurizing, but just pure, (relatively) mindless relaxation.  Jon over at The Combat Workshop must have been reading because, next thing that I know, my musing has been adopted for this month’s Union topic.  It simply wouldn’t do for me to miss out on answering this one, now would it?

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Sprue Cutters’ Union – Old Dog, New Tricks

Sprue Cutters' Union

I’m stoked to pass on the news that The Combat Workshop has decided to reboot its Sprue Cutters’ Union blog circle!  This is something that I missed out on in my pre-blog days, so I’m looking forward to participating in this monthly dialogue concerning a given topic.  Membership in the Union requires mutual links to each other members’ response to the given topic, so I’ll be linking to those at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to check out their thoughts, too!

With that said, this month’s topic is

What New Products/Techniques Will You Purchase/Attempt This Year?  

Appropriate for January 1, is it not?
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